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810719 Gasket (New Style)


Snap-In Magnetic Gasket 26 3/4″ x 54 1/4″ (258)

Commonly Fits Models: CVM-49, G4SM-23, G4SM-23PT, G4SM-23-RGS, G4SM-23RL, G4SM-23RL-SI, GDIM-49NT, GDM-19, GDM-19, GDM-19T, GDM-19T-F, GDM-19T-HC, GDM-23, GDM-23F, GDM-23F, GDM-23FC, GDM-23PT, GDM-23RL, GDM-23W, GDM-47RL, GDM-49, GDM-49, GDM-49, GDM-49DT, GDM-49F, GDM-49F, GDM-49F, GDM-49FC, GDM-49PT, GDM-49RL, GDM-49W, GEM-23, GEM-23FC, GEM-49, GEM-49, GEM-49FC, T-19, T-19E, T-19E-FZ, T-19F, T-19FZ, T-19G, T-23, T-23F, T-23FG, T-23FZ, T-23G, T-23G-PT, T-23G-RL, T-23PT, T-49, T-49DT, T-49F, T-49FG, T-49FZ, T-49G, T-49MHC, T-49PT, T-49RL, TS-19, TS-23, TS-23F, TS-23FG, TS-23G, TS-23G-PT, TS-23G-RL, TS-49, TS-49F, TS-49FG, TS-49G

This is an OEM equivalent part for your True Refrigeration unit. Also, we have provided helpful videos in our DIY Guide for a step by step installation.


True Refrigeration

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